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3-Day Curriculum

Our 3-day curriculum is designed to target spiritual growth, social/emotional skills, fine motor, gross motor, self-help skills, and recognition.

Students enrolled in our 3-day program will be working on:

Recognition skills

   - Shapes and colors

   - His/Her own name

   - Upper and Lowercase letters

   - Numbers 1-20

Fine Motor skills

   - Coloring inside of given lines

   - Writing His/Her own name

   - Handwriting (alphabet and numbers 1-20)

Self Help Skills
  - Independent Pottying Procedures

   - Clean up and  organization

   - Follow multi-step directions

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5-Day Curriculum

Our 5-day curriculum includes everything listed above as well as some additional kindergarten preparation skills.

Students enrolled in our 5 day program will be working on:

Recognition skills

     - Numbers 1-30

     - Letter Sounds (phonics)

     - Some Sight Words

Additional Skills

  - Sequencing

   - Rhyming

   - Opposites

   - Adding / Subtracting

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