Daycare Tuition Rates


(6 weeks -12 Months)

Full-Day $36.00/day

Half-Day $30.00/day

*Drop-In $42.00/day


(13-35 months)

Full-Day $34.00/day

Half-Day $28.00/day

*Drop-In Rate $40.00/day


(3-5 years)

Full-Day $32.00/day

Half-Day $26.00/day

*Drop-In $38.00/day

Extended Childcare

(3-5 years)

*Before Care- $5.00/day

*After Care- $10.00/day

*Before & After-$12.00/day

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Full Day= 5 hours or more

Half Day= Less than 5 hours/day


*Drop-In Rate= Adding a day to your schedule after the week has begun.

(*This does not guarantee that we will have room for your child!)


Please note: You will be charged for a 2-day minimum rate.